Audio Conferencing Features

Our Audio Conferencing Solutions are packed with many features including:

Start/ Stop Conference
indicates beginning and end of the conference. Only Leader can start the conference by dialing in through Leaders Pass Code/Pin and can stop the conference
Dial Out
Once the conference is started leader can dial out any single or multiple numbers either from address book or by dialing the number.
Dial-out from phonebook
iAllows Leader to create his own phonebook and groups for easy and fast dialing
Allows muting or unmuting single person or group people anytime during teleconference for interrupted and noise free communication
Lock/ Unlock
Allows locking conference call to avert additional participants from joining and unlocking for resuming anytime during the conference.
Auto Conference Recording
Automatically records all calls and conference proceedings that can be downloaded later as .wav file.
Q & A
Starts question and answer session by responding to one person at a time while putting others on mute for noise free and seamless communication
Blast Dial
Dials large numbers in one go. This option is ideal for large events or mass participation.
Automated Post Conference
Provides all the post conference summary report like attendance record, duration of call etc for further use.
Announcement Type
starting conference by announcing Name, Tone and Silence..